Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sending a Daily Sentiment to a Special Friend

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Hi Everyone!  My name is Cathy Davis Miller and I am your host for our new Daily Window Blog and Inspiration Community! 

  A community geared special towards motivating and inspiring us busy folks! Let's face it, we have so much tugging at us that we often don't really know which direction we're heading.  What I have found with the Daily Window Urban Lifestyle System, is, I can now give myself a little direction, provide that motivating lift I need, share a smile with a friend, keep myself more organized, better remember all the little things, help my children learn and so much more.
How you ask?  With the patented Display Window. This ingenious window is on the face of every tote, bag, backpack, book cover, and  carry case! As you explore the site for yourself, you'll see just what I'm talking about. I look forward to sharing expressing themselves and using their Daily Window bags!  Join us in the idea how folks all  over America are  sharing, fun, inspiration, or just simply come along for the talk! Look  forward to hearing from you!  

A Daily Sentiment to a Special Friend

I have a dear friend who is struggling right now and she just needs a bit of a pick-me-up in her life.  So, I decided to send her a card each day next week with a special message (just for her).  I'm thinking by the time she has received one a day for an entire week, it will give her the lift she is needing and who better to help me with this than Daily Window's background cards and daily sentiment add on vellum notes?  Check this one out. 

Front and Back of the original Daily Window Card 

 A clean simple message on front reminding her to "dream".  After all, dreams give us hope.      
 When she opens the card she will see a couple personal sentiments "just for her".

 First on the top I placed a vellum note which reads "True Friends leave footprints in your heart".  and then finished it off with a couple single thoughts of "love' and "inspiration", to keep hope alive; and, left a little space to the right for a personal note too.   Isn't this cute?  All I needed was 2 of the same Daily window card (one for the base of the card and one I used to cut out embellishment accents), 1 vellum phrase note, and 1 Daily Window Embellishment pack.  I added a little ribbon and some pop dots and I have a One of a Kind inspirational card for my special friend that I was able to make in no time at all!  Cool huh?  Why not give a dear friend a smile today and make them a special one of a kind Daily Window card, unique from you to them?  

***The best part is, a memorable card is so easy to make, just start with one of Daily Window's beautiful base cards (it can be a hard card or an electronic one), then embellish it any way you like (with digital art, or layers of designs)! 

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