Monday, August 18, 2014

NEW My Daily Window Creative Club/DIY Cards

Welcome to the Daily Window Blog and Inspiration Community!  

Hi Everyone!  My name is Cathy Davis Miller and I am your host for our new Daily Window Blog and Inspiration Community! 

  A community geared special towards motivating and inspiring us busy folks! Let's face it, we have so much tugging at us that we often don't really know which direction we're heading.  What I have found with the Daily Window Urban Lifestyle System, is, I can now give myself a little direction, provide that motivating lift I need, share a smile with a friend, keep myself more organized, better remember all the little things, help my children learn and so much more.
How you ask?  With the patented Display Window. This ingenious window is on the face of every tote, bag, backpack, book cover, and  carry case! As you explore the site for yourself, you'll see just what I'm talking about. I look forward to sharing expressing themselves and using their Daily Window bags!  Join us in the idea how folks all  over America are  sharing, fun, inspiration, or just simply come along for the 
 talk! Look  forward to hearing from you!

Come Visit My Daily Window® DIY Cards Just for YOU!
*Anyone can join and easily design, create and print your  "very own" custom DIY cards!*
That's right, whether you want to make a GREETING card for someone dear, a Special Announcement for an event, a Motivational card for your DW tote, a card to share a sentiment or special memory with a friend, or a card to simply help you organize your day- you can do it when you join the club; and for a limited time, we can all play and print all we'd like to for FREE!!! All we have to do is be willing to share our experience with others! Isn't that great!?
For those of you who know me, you know there's only one word I like more than "Create" and that is "FREE"!  :)  So stay tuned because I'll be announcing their launch day soon and will share some helpful tips and tricks for creating and printing your cards at home.  Why do we ever need to go to the store and look for cards again?  :)  Stay tuned, you're going to LOVE this, I promise!

Show Off Uplifting Cards and Quotes in a Daily Window Shadow Box, Picture Frames, Daily Window Bags, Totes, and Accessories, Refrigerator Art ...THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Here are a few examples of Cards 
That I created using My Daily Window  
Just follow the steps above and you are done
 Print and Enjoy!

NEW FUN Daily Window Products 
 Custom Order at

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