Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daily Window Crafting Kits by Teresa Hanson

Welcome to the Daily Window Blog and Inspiration Community!  

Hi Everyone!  My name is Cathy Davis Miller and I am your host for our new Daily Window Blog and Inspiration Community! 

 A community geared special towards motivating and inspiring us busy folks! Let's face it, we have so much tugging at us that we often don't really know which direction we're heading.  What I have found with the Daily Window Urban Lifestyle System, is, I can now give myself a little direction, provide that motivating lift I need, share a smile with a friend, keep myself more organized, better remember all the little things, help my children learn and so much more.

How you ask?  With the patented Display Window. This ingenious window is on the face of every tote, bag,backpack, book cover, and  carry case! As you explore the site for yourself, you'll see just what I'm talking about. I look forward to sharing expressing themselves and using their Daily Window bags!  Join us in the idea how folks all  over America are  sharing, fun,inspiration, or just simply come along for the talk! Look  forward to hearing from you! 

NEW Daily Windows Collections
By Teri Hanson  

One of my favorite finds this past year were the Daily Windows Bag Collection.  These high quality bags feature a clear viewing window where you can place inspirational cards, shopping lists, photo cards, calendars and whatever you can dream up!  From totes to bible totes, there is a nice selection of products for any need, with many able to be used in several ways.

Kits are available at Daily Window Digital Card Kits
This collection of kits feature ready made and customizable cards for use in your Daily Windows bag.  Simply print out your chosen card on your home printer, cut out and place inside the bag window.  I’ll be adding a new kit pack to the collection each month so be sure and keep watch for new ones!!!

January kit includes . . .
  • PNG files – 2 quote cards, 2 organizational cards, 2 photo cards
  • 6 – 8.5×11 size printable project sheets for:  2 quote cards, 2 organizational cards, 2 photo cards
For the photo cards – simply open the card/printable sheet in your graphics program, add a new blank raster layer under the ready made layer.  Add your photos, flatten/merge the layers and save as a jpg file for printing.
Printing – print all cards/printable sheets at 100% – best print setting on white cardstock, matte or glossy photo paper.

 All graphics images are copyrighted by Teresa Hanson with all rights reserved. By purchasing a layout kit or element you are obtaining a  “license to use” these graphics images and designs from Teresa Hanson/DigiZines by Teri, and you are agreeing to the terms of this user license. They do not become your property, you are only obtaining the right to use them for your personal use.

 For more information on Daily Window Products Please visit our store at www.dailywindow.com

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  1. I am anxious to see some more fun ways i can use my bag. Thank you so much Cathy! lori