Monday, May 27, 2013

Custom Bags and Hand Crafted Cards

Thank You for visiting our Daily Window Blog

I am going to start chatting with you each week to let you know some things about me 
and the reason I love Daily Window so much!

As a lifestyle System, Daily Window is a new concept and, over the years, our team has added so many fun ways to combine portable learning, art and self-expression in a changeable way. 
Everything we do is 
 "Clearly YOU" 

Each week we will show you some fun ways to share your story and your crafty inspiration. We will also show you some new ways to inspire your kids. We will be introducing a new Kid's card series called 

"Himo Says
 We think your kids will love it!

How to Make Your Own Simple Motivational insert card

Supplies Link 

~Be Inspired & Remember
   Shine, even when you least feel like it. 
You just might brighten someone's day~Unknown

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